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Daily Morning 29.03.2021 12:04:59 116
Daily morning of Orion Army runway inspector.
Dated at  about 1100a.h.a (≈970ENW)
Empty Shipyard 30.03.2021 12:25:58 131
Empty Shipyard somewhat restored after being passed to  ENW's insurgents.
Dated somewhere between (1116 - 1140)a.h.a.  (985 - 1009)ENW
Patrol on some moon. 29.03.2021 13:12:19 114
Stunning views seen by Orion's soldier at some calm patrol.
Dated at around 1110a.h.a (≈980ENW)
Sunset on Haxys 07.05.2021 12:17:19 127
The surface-shell of Haxys has been deposited on mining outposts, literally. Before factories, shipyards and manufactories appeared on Haxys, there were mines that, due to the conditions on the surface, were covered with domes. The Shell is based on them to keep the fossil surfaces operational.
Haxys was one of those celestial bodies that from birth were beautiful piles of cooling protoplanetary debris, but in the brutal beginnings of their system they lost everything and remained alone, floating in space as a naked core. Eons later, companies looking for places for smooth and efficient mining found her and immediately saw her potential. Haxys as a mining planet began around 1000 (human) years before the first human arrival (≈1000 b.h.a).

Dated at around 800-900a.h.a
Triumphal marsh-out of Orion 29.03.2021 12:52:38 120
Triumphal march-out of Orion's first legion leeded by John Fox.
This event precedes troop landing at capitol planet of ENW CentralSystems.
Dated at 1110a.h.a (979ENW)
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